About GJM

Jazz is a great way to express religious spirituality. In classical music this is common, in fact, many times is a ruler that composers consider to compose sacred works. However, in the case of jazz, one of things that astonish me is that there are still some people, from fans to jazz theorists, that ignore the religious inspiration that existing in that music. I think to the extent that musicians who compose and perform gospel jazz increase in number and become more known, people will be more open to this interesting genre.

Today, gospel jazz is considered as a emergent genre, but in reality it has been present since jazz origins, with known musicians as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington or John Coltrane; and these roots, apart of make known present musicians, I want disclose on this blog.

My only motivation in this blog, is help to make known this genre mainly to the community of jazz fans. I hope you enjoy it and enjoy the great experience of listen jazz from a spiritual perspective... and don't forget suggest this website to your friends!

Manuel David.-