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Gospel Jazz websites

  • Christian Jazz Artists Network. Network of musicians dedicated celebrates and promotes the diversity and infinite variety of jazz music. Founded by jazz pianist and pastor David Arivett.

  • Fellowship of Creative Christian Jazz Musicians. Community to encourage gifted Christian Jazz musicians to development their God-given potential. Founded by Rev. Ronald V. Myers.

  • Jazz Gospel Central. A website for lovers of gospel jazz and inspirational music, and for christians who play the genre known as jazz. Founded by jazz bassist Terrence Richburg.
  • Gospel Jazz Artists CDs. A website dedicated to disclose information about Gospel Jazz and Christian Jazz. The webmaster is the smooth jazz saxophonist Greg Vail.

Radios and Podcasts

  • Gospel Jazz Podcast. Online podcast updated frequently, and in it you can listen great music in long duration episodes. The producer is the communicator Norvell A. Molex Jr.

  • Jazz and the Spirit. Interesting radio show for jazz lovers and spiritual seekers alike. Through interviews and music, Michele Jansen and Steve Blons are piecing together the story of jazz as a spiritual expression.

  • Smooth Pizzazz. Online radio of Christian Jazz Artist Network, with a lots of music from different christian and secular musicians. Produced by jazz pianist David Arivett.
  • Gospel Jazzations. Radio Show produced and conducted by saxophonist Tony Smith. You can listen it on WFDU 89.1 FM, New York. Live and archived shows.

Friendly Blogs

  • Christian Jazz. Brazilian blog that since 2007 is dedicated spread the Good News that the Creator has given us Life, Jesus, Salvation, and the Gift of Music. The webmaster is our friend, Cristiano Abreu.

  • Come Sunday: Jazz, Trouble. Hallelujah. Interesting american blog, which is part of a project dedicated to the formation of the future "Duke Ellington Center for the Study of Sacred Jazz". The webmaster is our friend, Josslyn Luckett.